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Something Forever ...

As addition to those several songs mentioned in our Fanblog chapters we look closer on other famous and lesser known songs by and with George Harrison, together with the Beatles und solo, which can give proof of his talent:

guitarCry For A Shadow (June 22nd, 1961)

guitarDon't Bother Me (September 12th,1963)

guitarA Hard Day's Night (April 16th, 1964)

guitarEverybody's Trying To Be My Baby (10.64)

guitarIf I Needed Someone (October 16th, 1965)

guitarThink For Yourself (December 3rd, 1965)

guitarTaxman (April 22th, 1966)

guitarI Want To Tell You (June 2ndm 1966)

guitarLove You To (April 13th, 1966)

guitarWithin You Without You (April 3rd, 1967)

guitarOnly A Northern Song (April 20th, 1967)

guitarIt's All Too Much (June 2nd, 1967)

guitarFlying (September 28th, 1967)

guitarBlue Jay Way (October 6th, 1967)

While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Sep. 1968)

guitarPiggies (September 19th, 1968)

guitarThe Inner Light (February 8th, 1968)

guitarNot Guilty (August 7th, 1968)

guitarSavoy Truffle (October 3rd, 1968)

guitarLong Long Long (October 7th, 1968)

guitarBadge (October 23th, 1968)

guitarWonderwall Music (November 1st, 1968)

guitarSomething (February 25th to August 15th, 1968)