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"It's All Too Much"

 (von George Harrison, 02.06.1967,
De Lane Lea Recording Studios, London)

A song, being repressed inexplicably for 18 months, which only came to recording one day after the release of Sgt. Pepper on June 2nd 67 at "De Lane Lea Music Recording Studios", London,  and had been published later on the LP" Yellow Submarine".

("It's All Too Much" at YouTube)

The song dates back to George Harrison's post-acid time, and the title directly refers to the psychedelic sensory overload of the senses by LSD, and to the experience that George later tried to get under control with the help of meditationl. These later experiences definitely brought him more satisfaction in the long run. "The more I go inside, " he sings, "the more I recognize myself."

Meister Harrison remembers in "I Me Mine":
"'It's All Too Much' was written in a childlike manner from realisations that appeared during and after some LSD experiences and which were later confirmed in meditation"

This wonderful recording bursting with musical vitality is another peacock feather on Harrison's psychedelic hat.

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