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"Savoy Truffle"

(October 3rd 1968,
Trident Studios, Soho, London)

The message of this song is "you are what you eat".

According to his own statements, George had the idea from Derek Taylor, who came to this idea when he heard about a short film being produced by Taylor's friend Alan Pariser. One might say that a pop-dominated poet as G. Harrison knows the art of creating something wonderful out of everything, or, every song is a stroke of genius.!

Something of a pop rocker ....

That's the way George was, le liked being inspired by interesting circumstances. One day he wrote how much he was concerned about the world's problems, then the next day he wrote a song about Eric Clapton's dental problems. And as we know from the circles of trusted friends of George, that just when he wrote this song, Eric Clapton worked himself through a box of exquisite chocolates, sitting opposite of him, in spite of aching teeth.

(Dhani Harrison "Savoy Truffle" at YouTube)

Well, I think we all know what such a sugar-and chocolate-Jibbel fascination triggers, at least the older ones of us, who hadn't had any experience with nightly fridge lootings, triggered by the magic herbs.

Speaking of filling of tooth holes, today it is basically the same as then, man compensates internal dissatisfaction or unprocessed frustration with chocolates and creates such an sensual intense feeling of happiness. Especially chocolate is known to create drug-like intoxication in the brain. Therefore, we must not wonder, when the test person is so difficult to stop. Caution, respectively chocolates do contain a special potential for addiction, which can easily get out of hand. Also, Sir George wants tell us with this song, that this chocolate dreams and the associated feeling of happiness are short-lived, are even a new masterpiece of Maya, because if tongue and abdomen were satisfied, soon the disillusionment returns very quickly, as after a drug high, and catapults us back into everyday life and the possible tooth pain. Because, make no mistake about anything, Sweetheart, the sugar industry is the best friend of the dentist and his account, because he has a good by the whole world falling victim to the chocolates and chocolate-frenzy, therefore we see, one who is guided more by his tongue, Attention Attention, Be careful, he will often experience unpleasant surprises with the subsequent damage.

Thanks to this beatlelesque notation, we know of a special variety of chocolates, which seems to be excellent for filling holes in teeth suitable. namely, "Mackintosh's Good News Centre Double Chocolate Assortment".

But let George personally to comment in his autobiography, I Me Mine:

"Savoy Truffle is a funny one, written whilst hanging out with Eric Clapton in the sixties at that time he had a lot of cavities in his teeth and needed dental work He always had toothache, but he ate a lot of chocolates - he could not resist them, and once he saw a box he had to eat them all He was over at my house and I had a box of "good news" chocolates on the table and wrote the song from the names inside the lid:

'Creme Tangerine, Montelimar
A Ginger Sling with a Pineapple Heart
A Coffee Dessert
Yes you know it's Good News
But you'll have them all pulled out
After the Savoy Truffle!'

I got stuck with the two bridges for a while, and Derek Taylor wrote some of the words in the middle ... you know that what you eat you are ... "

The song is heavily compacted and elegantly shimmers with a brass section through the whole arrangement, yeah, it somehow sounds a lot like - something of a pop rocker. One discerns both baritone and the four tenor saxophones very well. By the way, a style that is heard later in the other solo work of Sir George again and again.

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