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"Everybody's Trying To
Be My Baby"

(by Carl Perkins,
16. Oktober 1964, EMI,
Abbey Road Studios, London)

The Beatles recorded several tracks for their album "Beatles For Sale" in the Abbey Road studios, including an old Carl Perkins hit from 1958, wherewith the country singer legend once had a big success. A striking feature of this recording is the acquisition of a principle of just expiring Rock'n Roll era: the echo hall effect on the singing voice.

George Harrison (vocals, lead guitar), John Lennon (harmony vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar, tambourine), Paul McCartney (bass guitar), Ringo Starr (drums), George Martin (piano & Production)

At a after-show party for the Beatles in 1964,  David Fricke remembers, George Harrison marched to Carl Perkins, introduced himself and asked the Rockabilly legend:
"In which key is 'Honey Do'?
"In E," said Perkins. Harrison turned to Lennon:
"I've told you, didn't I, we play it wrong."

In their early years the Beatles
covered more songs from Perkins than from any other songwriter, and the biggest fan of Perkins among them was George. As a budding rock'n  roller, he even called himself temporarily Carl Harrison, and his only apparent simplicity and style on the guitar - this precise rhythm, reduced concise solo ideas - were clearly inspired by Perkins' sunny country minimalism.

(Beatles in Paris "Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby" at YouTube)

In "Everybody's Trying To Me My Baby", the young George was allowed early to demonstrate his vocal qualities. Between 1963 and 1965 they recorded the song several times for the BBC, and the official version of "Beatles For Sale" they put on tape on 18.10.64 in the Abbey Road - one take was enough.

Perkins' textual allusion to rockstar egos and sexual escapades had additional irony for Harrison: When he is singing the first lines - "Well they took some honey from a tree / Dressed it up and they called it me" - then this mockingly commented on the suddenly burdensome on you, and the accompanying ego trips.

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