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"I Want To Tell You"

 (by George Harrison,
Thu. June 6th1966, EMI Studios, London)

George Harrison (doubled vocals, solo guitar, clapping), John Lennon (harmony vocals, tambourine, hand clapping), Paul McCartney (harmony vocals, bass guitar, piano, hand clapping), Ringo Starr (drums, maracas, hand clapping), George Martin (producer), Geoff Emerick (recording technology).

I think some songs simply should be explained by the author himself, as it is the case here, in "I Me Mine, " Harrison tells us to master the following:

"I Want To Tell You is about the avalanche of thoughts that are so hard to write down, or say, or transmit. (As now in this book.) If I were to re-write the bridge section now, however I would have to say : (Although I seem to act unkind - It isn't me - it is my mind - That is confusing things.!) The mind is the thing that hops about telling us to do this and do that - when what we need is, to lose (forget) the mind. A passing thought.!"

("I want to tell you" at YouTube)

I think it would have been a nice word to Sunday, a sermon. Take "I Want To Tell You" as something to think about, something profound, something to take home, something that touches us, something that the unique Peter Sellers "Help" would have had to speak in the  characteristic style of "Help".
I really want to tell you ...!

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