Why this website?

Dear visitor,

sorry, no selling platform for Georges masterpieces to make the living of his licence holders can be found here, we leave this to others. Never mind, instead of this you will find something much more important, the essence of all which was really important to George, and to which he dedicated his life: the Best of George. Success didn't let him go crazy, but opened his eyes for the real meaning of life.

This website harigeorgeson.com is an imperfect attempt to show George some reverence, a man who...

  • started to find out the meaning of life and to make it a reality;
  • who didn't allow himself getting discouraged by adverse circumstances or opinions of others, but rather followed his path linearly;
  • has achieved all material that one can wish for, and yet kept his feet firmly on the ground;
  • has realized that success is like a wall, it is to climb, only to find that he can see beyond, and that behind this wall there is much more;
  • who outgrew himself;
  • who penetrates through the ear into the hearts of the people and has to inform them about something very important there;
  • who helped countless people getting God conscious again, and further continues to do so;
  • whose real importance has been widely underestimated.

Therefore, this website was made.

The name Hari Georgeson is a pseudonym of George used by him for fun.

This twisting of his birth name has a deeper meaning than one might think at first glance: namely, that is translated "George, Hari's son." Hari is another name of Krishna or Vishnu.

Your Harigeorgeson friends: Acchedya das, A. H. Manusya, Michael