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 (by Harrison & Starr, Lennon & McCartney,
  September 28th 1967,
Abbey Road-Studios, London)

This instrumental piece of music is characterized by Harrison's elastic guitar sounds that introduce the song. The Beatles nozzle through a deliquescenting dream landscape, aiming at the outer frontiers of their egos.

("Flying" bei YouTube)

Not coincidentally, the illusion of flying is the mostly used stereotype for the experience of LSD. This is one of the rare compositions in which all four of the Beatles members are specified as composers. This instrumental is too often referred to as a by-product. However, it can be experienced and listened to as well as a rare example of unity of this group, where  the individuals are indulging in collective harmony and are flying together.

An early short version of "Flying" ended wotj a short musical crossing into George Harrisons song "Drilling A Home", which can be heard on his psychedelic solo masterpiece "Wonderwall".  A score for the corresponding film, then being  decorated at the fillm festival in Cannes 1967.   Funny short sidenote, George scooped a price for the best soundtrack alongside.

By the way, on this wonderful record "Wonderwall" the Asian Music Circle from London can also be heard, which already had some character of a band then,  as co-musicians of Harisongs-Unlimited and as orchestra of London's swinging sixties & George goes to India.!

(George Harrison "Drilling A Home" at YouTube)

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