Something Forever

- Chapter 4 Part 1 -

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In George We Trust

In this fourth chapter we take a look to the fall of 1969 a little more closely, or more precisely, dear reader, fly back with me to the future, to a time where all was in transition, got newly formed, and where a sense of excitement was everywhere; just a real turning point, if I may express this way ........

And beyond space and time, a serenity triggered by the Beatles came...... to catch us. We were all woven into an ecstasy of love, the music of the Beatles was just like a fiery sunrise in all our soul, yes .... here comes the sun .... for us young teenagers, the Beatles really were like ...... something forever.!

("Here Comes The Sun" by John Williams at YouTube)

But I also don't want to deny anyone that the breakthrough for me to write has been transported by the soothing soul talks ....... and conversations that I have been doing with Dr. Ko. beginning a year ago, which evoked the wonderful old days of my youth inside me.

The man often is like that, I myself am so anyhow .... he experiences something beautiful or intoxicating in juvenile life, experiencing or feeling it with all senses, and is thereafter fulfilled and enriched for the very own way on this side of birth and death. These experiences are, I believe, God's thankgivings to the individual living beings, bonus points, so to speak, for sincere sharing, helping and loving that we have distributed to other souls around us ..... these bonus points, to stay in the word style of writing, which we reap most grateful, following the motto "do good and do not talk about it", and which we do retain most of the time, sometimes archive for the children at most, but not deem it worthy for publication, these life bonus points in the form of love, peace and harmony bliss of childhood experiences which descend upon us, which basically include all the facilities and secondary roads in their buds, and which are first experienced only as a flash and holy inspiration, not knowing whether they have a deeper meaning and where they lead one to .... because the paths of love and affection open the young heart first for the way into the own importance. So, unfortunately, many interesting life histories disappear in nowhereland of time, although each is interesting, funny and lively, being original and most ingenious, because unique, and therefore worth being documented for enabling the kids to see how we ticked once, and therefore interesting, as we are in our essence, too.

Nevertheless, the embodied soul is unique part of a whole, of a great and sublime Oversoul, in whose dream we play a role, and as the spark is part of a fire, so we are part of the divine whole, part of created things, so part of the creator , and therefore at the same one and .... different, one in quality and different in quantity ..... that even children can understand: you are of divine origin, too, as the spark is part of the fire.!

Anyway, by the discussions with Dr. Ko. I realized that writing out your own life story means self-therapy and self-imposed discipline at the same time, and even sanctification in its own terms ...... and a kind of holy sacrifice ,..... which I gladly give to the society and, yes, shamefully owe.

We give back a little, and maybe someone reads it and has his edification and enjoyment, for this it would have been worth all the effort, is it not....? My subsequent spiritual master and soul guide, bhakti-yoga master ..... A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami .... in this context should recall the good message in my mind "if only one of my students understands it and lives, acts and works accordingly, my life's mission is fulfilled." This statement has always fueled me to make more efforts and to decipher, to experience and to feel the deeper sense of bhakti-yoga-vedanta, to share with others and to understand more deeply, even to find my own island of knowledge inside it, because isn't there a beautiful saying "the island of happiness only resides within you, waiting to be explored and to be conquered"? the deeper sense of bhakti-yoga-vedanta By the way, the sacred island, that Cveta-dvipa also called Saka-dvipa, the Terra Sancta, Fositesland, this historic King Island Basileia, which not only he Phaeacians and the ancient Hyperboreans knew, and which - consecrated to Atlas- was called Atlantis, indeed, it not only has been already decrypted geographically and historically for us ("Decrypted Atlantis / Jürgen Spanuth") in the past, and also a fact of contemporary history, of which Homer and Solon already spoke 800 years before Christ, but this sacred island in the hyperborea country, today and at that time, can be found inside the hearts of those who dedicated their lives, in the here and now, to become a self-created Holy Island also. the deeper sense of bhakti-yoga-vedanta And yes, will wonders never cease, even we ourselves are the keys to the castle of knowledge, that much can be revealed, because we ourselves are the heirs to the Holy Island, which lies dormant within us, waiting, as I said, to be explored and researched .... .. recognize yourself ...... Therefore, and be a sacred island to yourself.......... from where you can send your love and your prayers, wishes, hopes and ideas of God in our neighbor, which are dormant inside yourself!

("Hare Krishna" by Vinod Agarwal at YouTube)

Ho ho, says Doctor Ko.

Yes, I was looking forward to meet Dr. Ko. again one hot July day. The doctor always has a busy schedule, so we only can have one hour a month for us, talking about everything under the sun like two old friends who haven't met for a long time (even our fathers were old friends), but who probably have sufficient ashram experience in order to look at things more sophisticated.

Anwering to his question to me how I am at the moment, I could only reply: "well well .... dear Michael, I'm kissed by inner peace and must not and cannot complain, that's the truth about me. Why is this so, you want to know now, well, since three months I can work bare-chested in the garden, wearing shorts, running in sandals without socks in sandals and having enough water for the plants and fish, what more could one honestly want as a gardener, what more can one expect or wish, no, no, life seems to like me at the moment, ...... my current life on cloud nine ... is more than fine & sweed indeed and very sublime, it is brought exactly to the point, probably the thing I've earned myself, probably the result of my former actions, dreams, my desires and actions, probably not a coincidence, I can only interpret it, I am grateful and feel with the people.

For me it is a nice quality of life, such a lot of sun since April this year, dare I say, I even like the climate change somehow. Of course, other regions and or countries are suffering probably more from the vagaries of the weather at times than we do here, that well may be true, but nevertheless, I am currently satisfied with the weather, the people, my destiny and life as such around me ...... if I may say here once so lax, summer, sun, sunshine, what more could you want from life ...... we children of the Sun like it hot, and do love not less!

Ho ho said Dr. Ko ......... that sounds good, all the others coming to me are suffering from life one way or the other, or they are feeling at the mercy of life, want to change something, or at least improve somewhat ..... how do you do that, what's your recipe, what is your Freudian masterpiece or your Freudian slip, as they say, in relation to the attainment of inner harmony?

I replied, well well, simply living & high thinking, i guess that makes the difference, and love the lord in your neighbor, love your neighbor as yourself, and be yourself as much as possible.!

There is only one time in which it is essential to wake up, and this time is now ........... this old truth is still current for me every day and helps with my dealings with people, society and the whole creation.

The very fact that neither wealth makes a big impression on me, nor that I am really afraid of poverty, deprivation and excessive are given the same importance and worthlessness, I am satisfied ..... in God. The very fact that misfortune, misery and unhappiness didn't quash me completely, and that well-being, pleasure and happiness didn't lead me to skyrocketing, I am satisfied .... in God.

He goes the path of self and life mastery, who is seeing himself not only as a participant and actor in everything that he experiences and does, but also as a spectator that probably is interested, but deep inside remains uninvolved, and so far is above what is happening. ....... Anyone who is practicing to see his own thinking and doing as if a stranger experiences it..... who judges and sees everything from a higher point, from a higher level, thus finding a growing superiority of life, by not cultivating petty fears and worries in himself any more, but seeing himself as part of the whole, embracing the beautiful Buddha saying which states ..... yes, be an island for yourself ........... do rest in yourself and do know and see the beauty of life, then you'll recognize yourself and God, and you will be completely satisfied and happy with your environment.

For what you think, that you will be ....... unfortunately - inevitably, whether among the Lombards in the heath, among the true Finns, or in the East, where the sun of Aryur-veda culture rises among the Hindus at the Ganges, or if you live around the Himalayas .... .... because your thoughts shape your reality & your world, that not only knew Frank Schätzing's Bleep, that is and was common knowledge in the sacred Ayur-veda, because there is declared, every man is the creator of his own reality, no matter what religion, race, skin color or gender, their social class / caste he belongs.

The very fact that I neither want to be here nor there, neither on earth nor on any other planet, nor in heaven nor in hell, by not desiring to go anywhere but to be right here, and by not being attached to my present position, thus basically able to possibly stay at any point of space and yet being nowhere really ....... I am satisfied.... in God. The very fact that I neither want to be this nor that, nor longing to be anything, but only am myself inside me, only am as God has meant me, no matter whether in high or low position, whether honored or despised, praised or blamed, just by this will not to be anything different, but to want to be ........ as God meant me, but without the urge and desire of big willing, I am satisfied .... in God.

(George Martin & Orchester "And I Love Her" bei YouTube)

All life is sacred

That's what I learned from the music and lyrics of the Beatles and those of George Harrison, do live in the here and now, a godly life, live bhakti-yoga through love, be an asset and also an island for your environment and don't worry a great deal where life leads you, for God is anyway in control, and when we readily accept his hand and let guide, carry and support us through life, all worries and fears can vanish as if by magic, and we will get aware of the great beauty of creation and recognize the beauty of the self, which unfolds in all living forms.!

Yes, yes that is my way to happiness, and that I took this path, I am indebted to the assistance of George Harrison, for in his music, I found what allusions, exhortations, clarifications and vibrations I needed for self-knowledge , because the vibrations from his music were a kind of Magical Mystery medicine for me. It directly fetched me by my heart chakra, it was as if the good Lord spoke to me personally, .... through the medium of the magnificent and magical-mystical empathetic Sir George Harrison ... Hari om.

How shall I describe it differently, he was just the one where I had the feeling that through this man God speaks to you, in his words and songs is truth and vastness, is wisdom, beauty and holy will ..... all the same with my subsequent spiritual master - Bhaktivedanta Swami - or formerly with my great favorite poet Hermann Hesse, the Knulp, who became a Siddharta, or with the unique Eugen Drewermann, the true soul-shepherd of modernity, or the same with Friedrich Rückert , this exceptional poet who spoke to us in its floral, diverse and sacred language, with all the wonderful uplifting wisdom of the Brahmins.!

Children of God

Religiously speaking, "child" is a code word for a life that is carried into the goodness of the world background by unwavering trust, and therefore doesn't require the fear fuses which shape and deform the lives of the "adults" completely. As long as a man is afraid he will be afraid to be "small"; the fear will whip him forward to grow bigger and more "adult", until he outgrows his own measure completely and literally becomes "evil", being inflated and unreal behind the facade of not ending sham skills and apparent abilities ........ "Which of you, by being anxious, can add one cubit to the measure of his life?", Jesus said soothingly and evocative in the "Sermon on the Mount" (Matt. 6:27), but it is not possible to live this truth in fear.

A child, however, is a man who has learned to renounce the illusory world of adult fears of the "big ones", the boasters and braggarts and the chronically anxious propagators of fear, and in a sense starting life once again over from scratch: with the steadfast courage of truth – God's blessing solely rest on it for those who accept him (Mt 5:3) – and also with a never-ending longing for a world being more meek, merciful, peaceful and altogether more righteous (Mt 5,5 - 9).

Such a "child" won't be blinded by power, fame, career and money of the big people, because it knows that all that is humanly true and serves peace, only can be in sight, insightful and acessibly to the "little ones" (Matt. 11:25). This feeling of trust allows a limitless openness. The moral distinctions between good and evil which are of such importance in the world of "adults", are not around for someone who knows about the apparent omnipotence of fear and loneliness, and feels deeply that he is only able to be good in the gift and happiness of love.

So you can hear Jesus saying in the New Testament that God lets the sun rise and sends rain, on the just and the unjust (Mt 6:45) – He, the Infinite, must bow down equally deep to all people, to the high like to the low ones , and everyone lives by his grace alone. Such a "child", as Jesus was, could make magic one morning on Temple Square in Jerusalem, that a group of people who stood ready with stones in their hands for lynch law of a 12 year old girl, in a case of adultery according to law, abandoned the conceit of righteousness for a moment, stopped with the condemned and dared to look into their own hearts. The love of these "children" is universal – it doesn't exclude anything which is in need of assistance, whether human or animal, either high or low.

Religious is a "child" who, by faith in God, has defeated human fear and therefore has room for such simple truths of the heart. Whenever in life you can believe God as your father, then you are, in religious view, a "child" of God (Harijan), he is able to meet as a sister or as a brother in unpremeditated quality, which neither takes in possession nor enslaves. And if you want to speak to such a "child" as "prince" or "princess", then because one feels invited oneself in his proximity, to take a seat at the table of an eternal king as guest in an invisible kingdom, by reminding oneself about one's own origins in the light of heaven (Vaikuntha) in the liveliest way!

(Eugen Drewermann, "Zeiten der Liebe")

In these modern saints and New Age gurus, I feel the gushing fountain of wisdom, yes .... I like to sit there and listen to the wise and their song, and yes, that has accompanied me all my life, sometimes more, sometimes less intense, but always really impulsive, it is also my little story of the hippie-beat poetry, the story "Something Forever", which, in the deepest sense, is a story that could have happened to anyone, one way or the other, if love for George Harrison's music would have been present within his heart ......... it just caught me, took me right by the scruff of the neck, and all the years filled me with peace and joy, so what remains for me now is just to bear witness, to write it out of me, in order to show: here, one way for self-pacification, the Beatles and George Harrison and other enlightened ones went it, thus anyone can go it who wants to ........... yes, I have experienced first hand ....... that and how it affects a person today, a spirit embodied in the cross-examination of material life, a seeker who is longing for peace and freedom and it is ready to bring a lot of sacrifice and patience.

Yes, this music is truly like a medicine, a magical mixtura against large-scale attacks of ignorance and fear of life ..... against unnecessary annoyance and upset ................ against cognitive disonanza & stupefying ignoranza ...... and yes, a certain love and devotion for the lyrics of the Beatles cannot hurt, should be brought to understand what is meant ....... and what was meant, at least for me the Fab Four were musical and poetic figures of light with a great message, which was ...... Thou shalt self-realize!

("Here Comes The Sun" at YouTube)

All you need is love ...... love is all you need – one who loves, accomplishes the impossible & achieves inner harmony

Because all that oppresses us, unfortunately, in reality is within ourselves, we just have to learn to find the key, the access code to our innermost self. And bhakti-yoga may help us well because it tells about the love of God and his creation, even as it pays homage to the charity and awards to the good, noble, beautiful and pure, and interprets the level of the sacredness of all life, and leads people to true humanity in its noblest expression.

The sought missing link between apes and human in scientific circles, we are ourselves, Dr. Konrad Lorenz realised ....... because only if we understand the miracle of life and its sanctity, we have arrived at real humanness in its truest sense, we are sprung out of gross animality and have arrived at sacred knowledge, life and humanity.!

Even asceticism, yoga, renunciation, conscious poverty, conscious joy, vegetarianism and meditation are ways of understanding the complexity of human life. Assuredly, anyone finds his own personal direction, his own pace, his description of reality once he is on the way, according to the seriousness he puts into the matter, but the more serious we proceed on this way, the clearer our own individual direction will appear ...... and our own horizon widens ..... and we immediately recognize the liberating path of spiritual life in the thick material jungle ......

Basically, we all are on the way to progress further, to find more fulfillment in this life, one even could say, we are tide walkers ....... because life after life we walk and incarnate in the here and now ...... The sooner we get up to continue the way, to go this own way, inside us and with us, the more clearly the sacred lotus of knowledge opens up, and we have arrived at ourselves .... landed in ourselves ..... we have become aware of our psychic personality ........ . Certainly, this is caused by the process of conscious living, of conscious joy, of being conscious about the divine energy ..... which pulsates within all of us ....... which creates all life, wants to be realised in everything, and is a witness of all life.

("Maha Mantra" by Sri Vinod Agarwal at YouTube)

Love in times of crisis

Even if a spiritual seeker and intellectual aspirant thinks that he had not progressed in spite of all self-discipline, his spiritual growth was unstoppable yet. Often, he experiences a breakthrough when he wants to give up. The giving up, the self-surrender was the last task then...... which had yet to be resolved in order to climb the next step on the way to the light and to himself ..... because in order to get to inner freedom, you have to throw overboard what binds us as ballast on the earth.

My master A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada liked to say: "Many want to see first and then believe. He acts wiser, who walks through the door of faith to be a seer.."

And why does the unwise fails by himself: because his character and will are not collected on the target, but focused on much, are fragmented, divided into sticks, went to pieces ....... to be wise, also means to combine the sticks of thought and will into a cohesive unit, and to do one thing serenely and completely. Serenely comes from serenity..... let it be serene ..... and yes, to do only one thing serenely and completely, this is our salvation .... because every exaggeration, every over-excitement makes the driver to a driven, to a piece of driftwood.

Therefore I say, to expect something faithfully means to secure the benefit of it, and basically everyone knows it themselves ....... believing conviction causes ...... conception and realisation of what is believed ......... and the more successful our soul opens to that spirit of love, faithful belief and humanity and lets him work by himself and by the body, the more visible our life and and our inner spirit are changing, as I said, we collect bonus points ....

So let us recognize that we are the shapers and rearrangers of our lives ourselves, so let us also be self-designers of the future and our own present. It is of course just as necessary, because necessity-turning, not only to talk about the happiness of duty, but also about the duty of affirming the fullness of happiness as our eternal inheritance and property ........ and to embrace it by courageous doing yourself.......... yes, let us be the satisfied heirs of eternal happiness ... and lovers of the life given to us, then we live in the here and now satisfied and happily.

The secret of the child

The symbol of a child is, as picture of life within, required if that what you have to be delivered from just consists of a compulsive wish to be adult. If you just aren't able to live any longer with the constant demand only to be all grown up, completely finished, fully developed, to be quite perfect, then day by day the request is condensing that either everything would be over as soon as possible, or literally everything may just start again.
"Won't you," the dream figure of the saviour child asks, "once get the courage to think, you were also entitled to live without power and work.? Can't you think, youself, your person, would be more amiable and more valuable than your demonstrable actions? Can't you just allow yourself to think of something else than of what you need to do and of what you have to make? Can't you even leave yourself to the feeling that you are entitled to just being? "
So lives a child anyway, and so it asks by its very existence. A child cannot live for its ability and its performance, it cannot do nothing whatsoever, it does'nt do anything useful. One can't love a child because it possessed or had to present something special. One, if you want to love it, must love it for its own sake ....... that's the whole secret of the child: it compels us by its mere existence, to love it, and that it thrives on being loved for "nothing". Thinking that way of ourselves, therein would be our salvation: to live free!
The growth of the child in us requires the art of perceiving an inner, more spontaneous life within us at all, of noticing moods, desires and feelings and not killing them immediately under a ready pre-made program of own plannings. If we understand the language of our body, our dreams, our unconscious reactions and, in any case, live the "inside", consider what is in us more important than everything that is happening outside, then we have arrived in the childhood of God and become free from all anxieties.
To imagine how such a life-saving new beginning could be initiated, hardly a man can. Precisely the own intellect and will are the ones which liked to strive upwards so constrained. For them, such a new, child-like existence is impossible from the outset, and rather not possible at all according to the laws of nature. Our original feeling will get a huge fright, given all that stirs "inside us" and wants to live. It will appear to us as something illegitimate, which should not have been allowed to live, and if we follow our conscious attitude, we soon will curse it. The inclinations that come forward here seem unreasonable and useless to us, if not almost immoral and reprehensible; the wishes that come forward inside us, seem strange to us, and often almost absurd
We have a thousand objections: that's just not done, that we make ourselves ridiculous in front of the others, that we do something useless with it, that we end in shame, if "that" comes out and we "let out" what lives inside us; that we must fear to so make us virtually guilty, etc. It is true indeed: for these two hours that we allow ourselves to read a book or listen to music or go for a walk ....... for these two hours there is no excuse, as measured by the ideas of duty and power, those two hours are irresponsible, and as long as we want to stay grown-up, we must reject such "childish" things. But the symbol of the virgin child doesn't mean "infantile", but rather being "childlike" is an attitude that dares to be there and to play spontaneously, without purpose and without eternal calculation.

(aus Eugen Drewermann / was uns Zukunft gibt, 45 f. )

Divine law

There is a divine law, that no one can penetrate into the secrets of creation and the creator, who isn't ripe for it, cleaned and appointed. Rather, the path of the viewfinder, being different for everyone, is mentally predetermined and cannot be bypassed. All magical and other resources and rituals serving for shortening of this pathway only lead us astray, and ultimately are only misleading. Reminder for the insightful!
Not by esoteric training we overcome the internal barriers and the guardian of the threshold, but only through persistent self-reflection. If our thinking and acting is inspired and guided by positive pulses, we will do and cause the rightful. But where negative feelings, doubts and fears accompany us, we are at risk of forfeiting and losing what we could have achieved.
Just as we should do that before the people, what we would do standing before God, without fear, shame and remorse... But that what we would avoid, standing before God, out of fear or shame or to prevent remorse, from that we should also refrain before all other people ...........
These are the fruit of holy knowledge that grow wayside for the tidal wanderer, and shall encourage him to act properly. From Jesus, there is the tremendous word (Mark 9:23) "If you could only believe! ........... All things are possible to him who believes! Because in the beginning there was the word ........ and the word was with God ...... nothing that has become, became without the word (John 1:3 )........ .... the loving, enliving, creative word of God ....... God has also spoken a very specific word of poetry, love and wisdom over our lives .........
There probably is no thought which would contain a more comforting answer to the eerinesses of our lives ........ to eliminate any doubt that we are really meant with our lives in an absolute sense, John continues, again with extraordinary density and boldness, ..... and the word became flesh and pitched his tent among us (John 1:14), it is the person of Christ, who, as incarnation of God's love, bears witness of love and devotion for each one of us. .......... He forcefully teaches us a new world: to look at our life as a word from the mouth of God, spoken in eternity!"

(Eugen Drewermann - Was uns Zukunft gibt / Patmos-Verlag).

But one cannot speak of serious faith, if it is just believing of aquired confessional teachings, which fail at the first serious life testing, letting despair the man of God and the world. Therefore, true faith is absolute inner certainty that glows through the whole being, converts, renews, heals and sanctifies, and, through its spiritual dynamism and momentum, contribute to the realisation of the faithful affirmed ......... this in turn leads to enlightenment and self-satisfaction, to love, harmony and peace with all living things.

The important thing, it seems to me, is to think properly, because to think properly not only is mechanical grasping, but rather dynamic taking, recording and mastering of the world and of life .... yes, it makes a man to Prometheus ...... to thinking and designing his own fate in advance.

I mean, we have it in hand, what we make of our lives, for example, I am determined to be a gardener and I see everything under one aspect of gardening, gardening by eye, so even my introductory note to the good feeling about this Weather is great and ideal for the gardener, lots of sun and rain, so real, I can not complain too surprised if you complain because all the others because they have a hard life as it comes to bear.

Now, as I just have tried to explain, it is because of our attitude, because of our depth of focus we give to life, everyone is different here, only some are similar. God just only makes true originals, none is equal to the other, some may complement each other, usually only at a higher level of self-realization. We all are indeed small individuals, individual souls from the beginning of time, at least Sri Krishna says so in the yoga bible Bhagavad-gita as it is ......... we were all on our way back home, he says there, on our way to the light zones of the divine peace, or just on the opposite side of the road, one aims to to light, the other is on his way into the dark zones of ignorance. As I said, some are on their highway to hell, others are on their stairway to heaven ....... and each is free to choose the path that appears desirable to him, life is what you make it ... or what thought is it otherwise?

I would almost say, so easily you could explain evolution ...... but surely it is even more complicated and complex, but is also quite clear that everyone is already shoveling out his own way outside or inside, his own grave ..... and or just his own personal journey to freedom, getting high and free ..... sounds harsh, but probably it is that way, no one can get rid of it.

Dr. Ko. was sunk in his chair in listening meditation, smiled at me with his big young smile and said:

"Well, well spoken, my friend, now you know why I am pleased with our monthly hour again and again, because here I am able to listen and to let my mind fly while listening to your explanation, it is a kind of recovery between all the other patients, we can talk about other issues and to exchange experience, and it does something good for me, I draw strength from it for all the others who still will come through my waiting room today."

"The interesting thing is that during this our, I always could immerse in thoughts of my Poona-time also, when I was there to dance and meditate, much reminds me of the all-evening Osho darshan's where a lot was spoken about philosophy, karma and dharma, and now, twenty years later, when I hear you, it is to me like a deja vu flashback, and I enjoy that, because I feel the good old days inside when my own way began, starting by this time at Poona ashram."

"Funny or not, I'm the doctor and you're the gardener, our paths are so much similar spiritually, but are very different materially, it is also clear to me now how karma really works, one's karma is to be a doctor, the other's karma is to be a gardener, and either way you will find liberation, on both you can find enlightenment, harmony and peace, here's the really good news, it all depends on our attitude to life, no matter which profession or work we do, whatever religion or nation we belong, whether we have white, black, brown or yellow skin color, but in what mind we consider and treat the entire world, well, yeah right, that's leading the whole life-starting position to a pleasant lightness."

(George Harrison "Dehra Dun" bei YouTube)

Be happy a great fortune ... remain happy a masterpiece

"How do you see yourself today in the context of your experience with diverse religions, ashrams and masters, marriage and children?" Dr. Ko. wanted to know from me. I replied ..... basically I see myself as a freelance religious philosopher with unrestricted liability for him .... who that what he has learned first tries in his own life, letting it work on him, only then I give advice to others if requested, but only if they ask.

Really, no need for large audiences or for power and influence drives me, it is enough for me when, for those I meet in life, I may be be a good friend, a helping hand, or companion and guide ...... important to me, however, is to point out repeatedly that nothing makes more sense than to develop a positive attitude to life and its requirements, because it is so, and it is also true, that people who are believing in themselves and their future, their health and their success, are happier, healthier and more successful than others, or it seems to me so, therefore my well-meaning advice or tip is to simply replace the phrase "I need" with "I want", and you will see for yourself how everything flies of the shelves, and for that we do not even need a cigarette, if you know what i mean. Then we are safely guided by the autopilot (param-atma), from the inner island, to the destination of our individual lives!

However, I would advise to endure all that they can't be changed, but to change what can't be endured ....... to accept things that I can't change, however to have courage to change things that I can change ........ and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other .......... I also try to talk about life balance and satisfaction in the here and now. Because satisfaction is not only related with the circumstances, but also mainly depends on beliefs and attitudes, and satisfaction also means, that we always do forget easily, to work on ourselves.

Who wants to be happy, must learn again to appreciate the simple things of life and bring a lot of patience, because impatience and discontent are known to be fed by disappointed expectations, therefore it's better not to expect anything, then all of life is one great bonus, George Harrison once said in an interview, and I think that he hits the nail on the head.

Our exaggerated hopes and expectations are still the cause of so many large and small break down's in all our lives, if we change that and practice our patience, then automatically we are freed of all these disappointed hopes and expectations, whether in life or in love!

Yes, obviously people are happier when they value what they have, "ars vivendi," the art of life as it is called by the Latins, which already occupied the philosophers of all time ... they always distincted between happiness as fleeting experience and satisfaction as a state of inner balance ... be happy a great fortune, remain happy a masterpiece.

The three-fold path of arya-veda is a great help ............ the technique of meditation, the art of yoga, the practice of mindfulness ............ these can and should help us to rest inside us and to do everything with a certain serenity, to understand life as succession of moments, not to get caught in memories or grandiose future plans, but to feel the moment, approach him, and to look carefully at unpleasant and pleasant sensations without trying to judge, to prevent or to repress them at once. Not to identify with our thoughts and feelings too much, but to accept them as an idea. Negative thoughts are not always to be taken personally, not to equal an "I feel bad" with "I'm bad" at once, and we should recognize that usually we won't be able to prevent something happening either way, but we can decide ourselves how to react to these events, how they affect us and whether, how and how not, we let them manipulate us.

Not external things do satisfy, satisfaction must come from within us, because before God every man has his right to exist, whether he achieves great things or not, we should say I am good to me and I am good to others, I am my best friend and a good friend to others, I have nothing to prove to me nor even less to others, and each day gives me a new chance for a fresh start, so why shouldn't I do any good and enjoy life ....... satisfied ......... in God?

Dostoevsky was quoted as saying "all is well, everything, man alone is unhappy because he does not know that he is happy in reality," and Buddha said "sit down and breathe, be happy and achieve silence as insight into eternity ."........ in this silence, by the threefold Ayur-veda path, achieve the sacred self-forgetfulness and the wonderful desireless bliss ........! Like this, life presents itself before me, in this consciousness I live and weave the fabric of my life and think of the old children's saying ..... to be happy there is little need, and who is happy is a king!

George Harrison - Living in the material world - new book - click to enlarge

George was like the sun ....

I asked Dr. Ko. if he had heard about the new film by Martin Scorsese and the book about George Harrison, both are called "Living In The Material World" and have been released in September / October 2011, including much for real Harrison fans, he said no, and I wrote down for him a well-made, nice Beatles fan website, Walrusgumboot (, where also a strong and authentic stories about George Harrison can be found, as well as meaningful articles about all the other Beatles, which I liked very well ........

Did you know by the way, I asked Dr. Ko., what Bob Dylan had said about George Harrison, no, well he said "George was like the sun, the flowers and the moon... as a man he was a giant, he was a great soul and had the force of a hundred men ....... he possessed humanity, he had a great sense of humor and wit, and he possessed great wisdom, depth, love and spirituality. "

And Elton John, by the way, was convinced that "All Things Must Pass" would be as good as or even better than John Lennon's great after-Beatles-album "Walls And Bridges", and "Something" would be the best Beatles-Love Song ever written, also much better than "Yesterday", much much better. It's a beautiful song, not only by its structure, it just comes from a spiritual sphere in which there was George Harrison, just the perfect song, which, next to "My Sweet Lord," became the anthem of the good seventies, which anyone could sing along to, because he created space for a different, a spiritual thinking.!

"Unbelievable but true, I would immediately sign that," said Dr. Ko. , and we both had to laugh. I was excited and thought to myself, what a stroke of luck, this Dr. Ko., and even a Beatle fan and Beatles sympathizer, I mean, not all of our age like Beatles, there are certainly more Stones fans, but with this kind of music Beatle fans can start absolutely nothing, it's so similar to the Devas and Asuras. Somehow, the story repeats itself, I thought to myself, shook hands with the dear friend and said Namaste.!

(Living In The Material World Film Trailer by Martin Scorsese at YouTube)

Freed from fear

"Our fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is the light that we fear, not our darkness.
We ask ourselves, who am I that I am bright,
may be gorgeous, talented and fabulous.?

Who are you, not to be.?
You are a child of God.
If you are playing small, this does not serve the world.
It has nothing to do with enlightenment, if you shrink,
that others around you do not feel insecure.

We were born
to realize the glory of God that is within us.
It is not just in some of us, it's in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, we give
unconscious other people permission to do the same.
If we are liberated from our own fear,
our presence will liberate others without our help. "

(Nelson Mandela)


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