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"A Hard Day's Night"

(16. April 1964, EMI Studios, London)

It was the first time in my life that music initiated such an emotional avalanche. I still remember exactly how my friend Ron and I listened to the song on the radio. We sat, as so often, in his room of the inner light and listened to Radio Caroline, where the new English songs were played first, long before the German public learned of it. We were totally exhilaratedl, for us it even was something completely new, a song affecting us deeply, a song that seemed to change our lives. There was a feeling of happiness, joy and liberation, which then literally was almost tangible in the air.

(A Hard Day's Night -Take One- at YouTube)

As we learned later, John Lennon had written the song just the day before the actual studio session, and the Beatles recorded it at a  breakneck pace of just three hours. In Take One, to be found on "Anthology 1", you can feel the search for a structure for the solo, and George Harrison hesitantly tried a reef on its 12-string  Rickenbacker. But when the Beatles finished the session and the song by ten clock in the evening, Harrisons part had blossomed to the most striking element of one of their biggest hits. It's his Rickenbacker floating harmonies above Lennon's starting chord, its arpeggio in the fade-out gives everything the touch that is needed. And in the middle, he plays one of his most fluid solos up to that, a brilliant run ascending tones that producer George Martin takes up on the piano and answers. George  Martin is rightly called the fifth Beatle, in my opinion.

Thanks to George Harrisons endeavouring care,  many Beatles songs were given their special catchy character from the melodic Rickenbacker. His famous care also had been essential  to the working process of the Beatles, he was the balancing force between Lennon's storm and urge and McCartneys melodic ease.

(Peter Sellers A Hard Day's Night at YouTube)

Peter Sellers was a kind of real good old friend to George, also to Ravi Shankar and later to the devotees. All three have been spotted in Disneylan Florida, where they were together in a tree trunk on a whitewater course. Ravi Shankar and Peter Sellers were also on board the flying temple, as George's U.S. tour in 1974 took back and forth through the states.
So Peter Sellers' Beatle interpretations certainly always met the favor of George and the others,  and had his blessings, because at that time Peter was one of the family. His later works as "The Gardener" also has been completely in the sense of the gardener George Harrison, and shows us one aspect of the gardener's existence, which George shared and had internalized, too.

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