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"Long Long Long"

 (by George Harrison,
October 7th 1968, EMI Studios, London)

"Long Long Long" was by far the most spiritual and most subtle song which deals with eternal bliss: inviting God into our lives and, recognizing ones very own determination, acting happily and contentedly,  and l to recognize, and happy to act in rights, acting out charity and loving it.

("Long Long Long" at YouTube)

"Long Long Long" is one of Master Harrison's best songs, in my opinion, just because it expresses so much love and trust, a kind of oasis of peace and of faith. It should also be mentioned here that Master Harrison abided true to his faith to the end of his days. All through his  incarnation, since the days of Norwegian Wood, he had dealt extensively with the literature and philosophy of bhakti yoga. Even on his deathbed, he spoke about the holy name of Krishna, sang and meditated, discussed about the liberating nature of reincarnation with Deepak Shoprah, Syamasundara Prabhu and Mukunda Swami, and with his old friend and teacher Ravi Shankar, and died in deep belief in God.

Here a wording of the Yoga Mimamsa is matching, which states that:

"He who lives must die, thus, after a worthy life, die as a hero and not as a defeated slave. So let me die on the battlefield of life, after all my enemies are defeated, the passions are to be overcome, if hatred has turned into understanding, and arrogance has turned into dignified self-confidence!"

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