Something Forever

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Tat Tvam Asi
- You are the one who you are

Love your neighbour as yourself, for every man is your own reflection ....

Just as the sun and the moon cannot be reflected in murky waters, so God cannot be reflected in a heart clouded by the idea of "I, me, mine". Love is God's holy breath of life within us, this knowledge is as old as the ages and a great mystery, an Arcanum for an increasing number of lost souls all around us. Also because of that, the dear Lord fulfills the creature's desire for knowledge, especially for self-awareness and knowledge of God, these wishes are answered gladly for the conditioned living beings in the material world, because they have a pure character and are beneficial for the soul in its quest for knowledge and for advancement to higher and higher levels of consciousness. So, as they say, neither can God stop to lean towards nature, nor man can stop to aim high to Godhead. This is the eternal relationship of the finite to the infinite, if they are apparently abandoning each other, then only in order to meet again more deeply.

Therefore it is also said, that working and worshipping return you back to your own nature. In this awareness, being aware of one's nature, it is important to protect this new knowledge and to safeguard it from the surge of the recurring impressions of the "I, Me, Mine" consciousness. Yes, thus our day should be filled at best, with work in order to engage body, family and mind, and with worship as well, because in minutes or hours of leisure, good and exciting ideas about the divine catch-all should elevate and provide us with confidence. Meditation on the self-chosen ideal of God, in the form of mantra recitation, temple worship (puja), contemplation of God in the silence, singing and dancing, praising and taking prasadam (sacrificial food) together with like-minded people, all this (and by manifesting our fundamental religious belief in dealing with our fellow human beings in a fun, open and relaxed manner) certainly helps us to achieve SAMADI & Shanti.

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You, whose soul is destined for receptivity of higher things, you, man and brother, you will certainly understand me. And you, whose soul doesn't have this mood, you just are not yet meant to understand me at the moment . A matter of mood, we might think, well, for the most part it's true, I share a mood with someone, and both are feeling connected. A good example for this is music. I for one feel connected, connected with people who share my taste in music, with them I feel connected to share a special feeling. We are finding a common sentiment and a vibration that carries us to higher knowledge, by this same positive attitude.

Therefore I say, if you long for God, do searching for him in man, as the highest revelation of God is the man purified by charity.

I think I agre with the Yoga Mimamsa, what we need is a fearless attitude, trusting in God, that goes its way in all conscience with joy ...... The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Do not fear not at all what happens to you, and do not depended on anything, the old script tells us, only then are you really free, if, without fear, you do what is needed to achieve the unity of heaven and earth within you. Unfortunately, the circumstances are often against you in life, the more your inner strength has to reveal. Your will is your universal tool, God-given to experience how it is like to create. For who puts a will into things, to whom the things will not Lord, the sage tells us .... The will is stronger than anything else. Everything has to bow to the will for he is from of God ..... Therefore, a pure and strong will is so powerful ..... All power is yours, the yedi knights also knew. Never lose faith in your own strength, this is the key to success, have faith, don't be weak, all force may be yours. ...... It is also true that it is only the own will who is responding to our prayers.

Well, I hope we now do understand a little better how God has set up his phone with us. Without a doubt!

The truth is, if we direct our will to God, we are immediately connected with him. The advantage is that he is understanding each one of us 7 billion, for he alone has a modern hyper-link, all-language, multi-speed answering machine at home, conected to our soul, yes, God is up to standard, what do we think.

But be reminded here before we take off, that the man who admits for anger or hatred or any other passion, cannot live right, work and cannot act helpfully, because he splits his forces and does nothing good and useful under the sun. The quiet, reconciliated and righteous, however, does a bang-up job, for doesn't loose any sacred willpower to things of lower taste, such as anger, envy, hatred and jealousy.

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Hatred is Love that has failed.

Soren Kierkegaard already mentioned that in the early 20th century. The evil is not to hate a few enemies, but not to love our neighbour enough.

This is a beautiful bottom line. So if we would love more people like our sort, our self, there would be less hatred and indifference, and through this love of neighbor, our environment is cleaned of all bad karma, and God-conscious charity breaks out.

Do not fear, charity does not hurt, there are only a new happy moments, for example by helping others, willingness fulfills and makes satisfied. It is more blessed to give than to receive, as the saying goes. To not cultivate any greed, to be lavish, unattached to material goods, ready to reach out to the neighbour. All this is possible, we only need to direct our will onto it ..... not because things are difficult we don't dare, but because we don't dare they are difficult ...... Also do not have any weakness in you, not even in the face of death. Do not regret and do not breed about the past deeds. Rather do remember your good deeds, be free, stay strong, because the weak, fearful and doubting man will never reach the divine kingdom of love of the dear Lord. He who lives must die, thus, after a worthy life, die as a hero and not as a defeated slave. Be carefully - reckless, tells us the book of wisdom of India. The sweet yoke of celibacy is a pleasure in things that we should not get or don't have to get.

"So live gentle, think smart,
who needs nothing, has enough."

The good Wilhelm Busch couldn't have said it any better in 1908. The truth is, true hedonists are already happy, if they are not unhappy. Because they have understood the value of life right, and now want to live the days of uniqueness happily and satisfied. Imagine, that imagination is something that many people cannot even imagine.! Because man tends to put something in front which actually blocks his view of the really important things in life. It's like the man who knows the teachings inside out, but does not practice them, he is like a man who lights a lamp and immediately closes the eyes next. What can we learn from this example, the learning could be compared with rowing against the stream, not continuing to learn, proving to be unwilling to learn, being unteachable means to drive back. This wy i say, only dead fish swim with the stream.

And because I'm just at learning , learning comes from teaching, he may be glad who once had a good teacher. Who does not care about bad talk of others, he conquers all, yes, a long time ago, a teacher said this to the assembled listeners, we find this statement in the Mahabharata, and the teacher is a great Rishi from the Himalayas. So we hear that victory is with him who doesn't care about defamation, out with strong will remains true to his principles.

So, to select the Master hotline is the way of liberation. To have a little chat with God, gives you peace of mind, and sends you straight to your Sweet Lord.

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