Something Forever

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Magic Wonderwall of Love

This is like the ripe fruit on the tree of knowledge, the Beatle Awareness Magical Mystery Tour has accompanied us on our journey to ourselves to a certain extent, has supported and enlightened us!

At that time, at young age, the Beatles were light years away in their musical progress for us, they were singing and playing music in a way that we felt warm all over while listening to their songs! We were pioneers of the new awareness, it seemed to us, without understanding it correctly or knowing the dimension, we only felt so good because we had found a real treasure in this music that seemed to have evolved in our hearts and guarded us carefully, like the great and unique ancient Vedic Maha Mantra !

Allen Ginsberg saw the slow conversion of the Beatles from Rock & Roll Heroes to evolutionary agents as a paradigm of that time, that was symptomatic for the cultural changes in the '60s. So the drugs only were doors to higher perceptions, to new worlds, to deeper understanding, a kind of an important catalyst, for the emerging thoughts and feelings of a whole generation. Ganja also was sutch a first hint of asian and Indian culture, where dope called Shiva Bhuti , grace of the Lord, and where it was traditionally used only for religious purposes and to achieve a kind of distance from worldly things and to can be closer to God!

But what had it done in the minds of millions of fans which cheerfully listend to sounds of the Beatles and felt moved to other worlds, I think, therefore I am, just like any other fan, simultaneously one and different, and in many of us a sense of holiness will have been drafted!

Beatles and World Peace

A critic in the U.S. even said about the release of the Sgt. Pepper album of the Beatles:

"Since the Congress of Vienna in 1815, within the Western world there had been no comparable moment of agreement like in that week when the grand Sgt. Pepper album was released!"

Prof. Dr. Timothy Leary described the LP as a work that has influenced a whole generation. The album, as Leary said, gave expression to the sense, "that now the old days are over, in this summer of love and expanded consciousness, and of turn on, tune in, fall in love, be graceful, be peaceful and be there with high-ness"!

("Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" at YouTube

Again a few weeks later, "All You Need is Love", the new anthem of the Beatles still a worldwide audience of 700 million viewers in the live TV was introduced, Dr. Timothy Leary found new words of superlatives:

"I declare here and now, solemnly, that the Beatles are mutans. There are considered to be prototypes of new evolutionary agents sent by God. They are equipped with a mysterious power, a new creating species - a new breed of young smiling free people. They are the wisest, holiest and most effective avatars the human race has ever produced."

Om & Amen!

One should be aware that Dr. Timothy Leary was then the LSD guru and a pioneer of a just liberating youth movement, that was politicized by the Vietnam war and was searching for alternatives that could give the whole madness any sense at all!

The Vietnam War, the Woodstock Festival, the LSD as a means of self-discovery, the search for meaning in life, all this was to be found in the Music of the 60's. The Beatles, Beach Boys, Hollies, Manfred Mann, Bob Dylan, Gees Bees, Donavan, Gilbert Becaud, Manfred Mann, Stevie Wonder, Van Morrison, Baden Powel, to name only a few more familiar ones, in a unique way they were reflecting the feelings of a whole generation back, with their melodies we were in line. They spoke to our hearts with their music, and we followed them and were glad to learn about the life and acting of our idols. But that was just the new worldmusic of the Beatles, which, honestly, indeed was really a very original work of art in the stream of along taking time.

("Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Reprise" at YouTube)

Transcendental Meditation

That in August 1967, the Beatles were invited to meditate at the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi , who of us guys even knew that then, at age of 15, in the peaceful province in the heathy grounds in the Langobard's land, near the river Alvis from a Manusya family.

While the Beatles listened to the words of the old yogi, more and more they understood their own major role in the game of the time, they had long conversations and already learned about the maha-mantra and its meaning. They heard of concentration exercises and joyful bliss in yoga!

At the end of this magical weekend, that was very inspiring for all four, the Fab Four were overtaken by the news of death of their beloved and ever-popular manager Brian Epstein.

What a contrast of life. Here is the new way of life, there is the old caring pioneer going away, saying farewell and leaving the four on their own, with their turbulent past and their new morning!

Next month already, in September 67, the Fab Four began to shoot and rehearse for a new movie work. which was to write history, and was celebrating a big section in the life of the Beatles. The new dawn of history anyone can attend by rising to the surreal visions being processed in the film Magical Mystery Tour.

Only much more afterwards we fans understood that this work of art history represented the processing of all these new life situations which the Beatles had been exposed to, and the comparison with the vedic Pandavas is an excellent parable for many of us!

As one can easily see in aforementioned film, the Fab Four of course are on the amount of time and once again preceded all those again, who thought, the things are over and done with, the Beatles are levitating away in the spacecraft, ore the Fab Four are finished, those found themselves deceived. The loss of their manager and the newly-won view of life, which was also enshrined in ancient yogic meditation now, seemed to inspire them rather than let them crash down, it was like a phoenix formed from the ashes was creating new music!

(Magical Mystery Tour part 1-4 at YouTube)

Christmas 67 the Fab Four released their work of art, unbagging and giving birth in prime time on Christmas Sunday to the wondrous film "The Magical Mystery Tour" and the LP as a sign of reconciliation with their fate karma!

The Fab Four showed again that they not only were musicians, but a kind of modern prophets!

One or the other fan will have distanced himself today from his youth idols, and believes to move himself in more advanced zones of understanding of music, now listening to Jazz or Latin today, listening to third-world music, or only classical sitar music from a thousand and one nights, listening overtone singing or Balinese chimes, or the good Rock & Roll, the finest Roots Reggae, Rap, or just Diggerido-Australio -swirling-sound!

Common to all, is that the seed-giving fathers of all these developments in music can be found in the 60's, we should not forget hat. We know them as cool cats, or just the Fab Four! Because the four guys from Liverpool where the ones, who had broken the ice for the music of the New Age generation, and by making this music popular, they became pioneers of generations!

Yes, pioneers of a new consciousness, the Beatles intended to be that for sure, and, in my opinion, they have become and remained it, well, today their music has become modern classic and continues to be inspiration for millions.

All these facts only lead to one conclusion for me, and I dare myself to join to the presentation by Dr. Leary, and to add that the thoughts of these former thinkers fell on fertile soil for many of us, enabling a life in the right consciousness now, in higher, more spiritual awareness, for us and our children which we may now educate ourselves!

Beat generation goes from Hermann Hesse to Diogenes

For all this knowledge we must be very grateful, because when the Beatles wanted to show us way and awareness with heavenly tunes, which we would need to let the world prosper, then their music, their lyrics are the modern proverbs of Solomon for me!

The further the attempt leads us to recognize the connections, the clearer these relationships appear to others. Nevertheless, my conscience tells me that self-knowledge doesn't mean dealing with our own thoughts, but with the effects that are coming from us. Only the Life effects give us a picture, entitling us to decide over progress or decline. Similarly, it is with freedom and love, true freedom only is possible if love and understanding for all of God's Creation is practiced actively, when we recognize the eternal law within. This means, no harm to anyone should come from us, and no souled being should experience pain by us! Because of our words and deeds we are judged by God, not because of our thoughts. This was the wise conclusion since the beginning of time, with such thoughts Socrates and Plato were engaged, both Goethe and Schopenhauer were engaged, with these deep thoughts, and Hermann Hesse was even more deeply engaged. From there to the Beatles, it was only a smooth transition, all the Beatles were big fans of Hermann Hesse! Who am I to question that which all the great minds of our species devised and considered to be reasonable. What was left behind in knowledge of these great souls in this world, is the real treasure of the human race!

May we be Platonists or Orphic, Pythagorean, Christians, Rockophonics, Socratics, Wagnerian, may we be Hesseianer, or ISKCONites, Narayanis, Rupanugas, Prabhupadanugas, Gandhian or Shastris, yogis, babas, Vaidyas, Manusyas, or call us Jakis, the knowledge of what each line carries in itself is the sacred knowledge, knowledge kept by the forefathers of the line since the beginnin of time. All of these lines we follow, are like individual leaves on the Tree of Holy Knowledge. All of them are only there to enlighten us with wisdom, and to lead us to the light!

And in fact, the state, education and religion should have a common goal, namely to make people successful, helpful, peaceful, charitable and happy!

Freedom means to achieve the highest goal as meaning of human life, or, to put it differently, freedom means self-realization, God realization and the attainment of eternal transcendental consciousness state!

For eternity, bliss and Absolute Knowledge is the state in the transcendent realm of God, and the creatures that come there, do not turn back any more! So the ancient Bhagavad Gita, the great and very old epic of India, is telling us.

This is conclusion of all wise about what they could experience it their brief incarnation here on earth. They adopted the old knowledge, studied it and lived it. Throughout their life, they learned so whether the instructions of the Period were timely and useful or understandable, or whether they wer not usable for continuation.

In fall and winter of their lives, the wise took their rest to write comments to ancient texts, to express their own thoughts, in order to enable future generations to let them understand better what their ancestors once thought, what moved them and what they believed in!

For the life of individuals consists of seasons, too! >From the spring of inspiration, the summer of work and creation, the fall of the completion of the created, and the winter of rest and contemplation!

By considering the present situation now, and in the light of what directly preceded it, we should succeed in determine what follows that!

Standing in this succession, I try to write a little commentary on the Beat Generation, because this generation has shaped my life and my thinking, my life - like it is.!

Feeling of Love

The title of this manuscript as well tells about my preferences, I just only want write about what has moved my heart and still moves on, what made me, and still does, and that, in a very complex way, has so much to do with the Beatles, Harrison, the Vedas and, of course, has to do with our Sweet Lord. Back to the roots, you might say, and often there is great enthusiasm hidden in the beginning ot things, which should be exploited for better being able to reach into the depths of history. Our story tends to orient itself in the years of spiritual revolution, that is, in the years 1967/68, probably because my spiritual awakening also was connected with them.

As I said before in my forest thoughts, with 1967 I do associate tender suffering in wishfulness. The expression of loving someone of loving someone like oneself, is situated on such a high spiritual level, that one feels dizzy by the feeling of which we are talking about. And with 15 springtides, this innocent child's love for the friends around me and at school was more of an infatuation, a looking through pink-red glasses. It was this young innocent desire of love, not yet clouded by jealousy and possessiveness, only surrounded by complementary, playful, sensing early love, supported and permeated by pure feelings of affection and of conjointness with the beloved idol. Similarly, the stories of Lord Sri Krishna and the cowherd girls should tell one something about affection and pure love. Who still recalls his first love will be able to understand me. It is this desire of the heart to yearn, to let all conventions behind you, being in love means to be intoxicated, and while feeling close to the neighbour in thoughts, all material circumstances follow the situation in a magical way. Although outwardly following the rhythm, slave to the rhythm, in his heart the loving man has reached the highest level of human existence, and has acquired the feeling that devotees of all countries are longing for, it is this feeling of connectedness in separation, which produces the pain of love, the one everyone knows who loves something, loves someone, or love God.

Aren't all of us looking for the feeling of being at home, of being returned back to God? Whereas I would like to say, an animated counterpart can be loved more real than God, whom we love as something abstract, to whom we only can approach slowly by understanding his transcendent nature, his transcendent games and his transcendent form, but this we are only able to find if we have experienced the feeling of being in love in real interpersonal interaction, and thus may know what we have to look at all. Because for love, love itself is the reward, or be in love still takes two.

Tat Tvam Asi

So my credo is, how can we love God really real, as long as we still despise our neighbor, betray, despise, trick, deceive and harm him? Love your neighbor as yourself, for every man is your own reflection. Any wise man, any wise woman and all the scriptures on this planet are telling this. The next one is always the one who depends on you, one who looks for our proximity and community, who wants to spend our lives together, and or the children resulting from it.

This was and still is the idea behind the word charity, my credo therefore is, first of all live practical charity by the study of our neighbors and our environment, and if we succeed in this, we will also understand how we may be able to love God, namely if we are able to love his creation unconditionally.

So we love the parts of the whole first, then it will be possible to also understand the whole, and to learn to love it.

So wellcome please dive deep into the ocean of divine love, and don't be afraid, because this sea is the sea of true immortality, love and harmony.

Diogenes said:
where the sun of culture is low, even dwarves cast long shadows. In the same way, those who claim to love God, but only look for power, prestige, politics and influence, are to be understood as the dwarfs, which should be avoided. Similarly, it also was said, show me how you deal with your neighbor, and I'll tell you how you and your love for humanity and for God are in shape. Furthermore, say the Vedas, there is no vice which is not caused by distance from love. Similarly, there is no virtue which is not based in love.

Less talk about love, and instead try to act out of love, and so live peacefully with the neighbor, get along with him, accept him in his uniqueness, as God meant him, and remind him, if needed, about his spiritual heritage, this is it what is necessary in this life. The road to your inside is the way to yourself, and the road to yourself is the safest way to God.


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