Something Forever

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Laughter is the way to love

Dear reader, now please dive with me into the flowered sea of my love, do not fear, it is the sea of immortality, and it is something forever. The Yoga Mimamsa does recommend about this:

"With all that it is above or below you, near or far, visible or invisible, boundless love shall connect you, and against no being a hostile feeling or desire to kill shell arise. In this sense live, whereever you may stand and walk, sit or lie, until you fall asleep.
In the Spirit of God live and weave,
and you will have a pleasure in him."!

You wonder what is new about this idea, and I tell you that love is still the only thing we have to complete yet. So far, we managed only hatred and complacency, vanity and arrogance, taking advantage and overexploitation of living.

The Indian Vedanta says about this:

"He who cannot love, he also does not understand to live humanly."

My soul is glued to the ground, you lift me by your word, and that word is, love me.

And so the circle is complete from that time to today, and today it is as true as then, all we need is a little bit of love.

Yes, love of God in our neighbour, whereever he waits for us and is willing for dialogue.

Being able to experience and to give charity is a gift from God to me, and that I also owe this understanding to the Fab Four, is a sign painted on the wall in the hectic stream of the flowing time, I think.

Out of his causeless love and compassion for his children, his inseparable parts, God gives us the opportunity to learn in the embodied state, what we most likely were not able to finish to learn in a prior life.

Namely, to love and trust each other, or rather, to learn this again we have been reborn here, we have reincarnated for a new round in the game of life.

Living in the material world, that means, carefully driving this life to a good and save destination.

It is to be regarded as a gift to use the short time and the possibility of conscious life in this body to love, at least ours that we live with together. On them we can test, learn on them and with them, what we can utilize some time in connection with God.

But there is a narrow winding road to it, which is walked along rarely, and easily can lead to fallings and accidents.

I myself urge my spiritual master and God in prayer to continue to help me in the hours of darkness and despair, where I can see that the way and the goal are one, and I only need to accept myself to accept others like myself!

And what are the Beatles, and especially Sir George, giving us to take along on the way, on our journey into ourselves .........

"Music is the second most beautiful in the world. She can describe the most beautiful and making it tangible, love, yeah yeah yeah."

Return to innocence

To find yourself at infinity, one has to be able to differ and to connect!

For a work by perseverance in the right, to seek one's one and other's fortune, truly is noble and is ennobling the soul, giving her the necessary means to realize her plan in the game of the time! The sin we are recognizing where we have learned to overcome it, only by this way one can make progress on the path of the sages of all times.

This new creative energy should be exploited to promote an inner strengthening in righteous acting with wisdom, therefore we are encouraged to only select those goals that are meaningful to us.

Our acting today will be the basis and stimulus for further experiences. Any action today will shape our destiny unalterably. Although we can trace the trail of our lives again and again to the starting point, but what we set on foot in the here and now, in the here, even more in today, will never and never have an end!

Thus, in the words and deeds and writings of the past a treasure is hidden, which, by strengthening and improving of one's own character, can be used in spiritual service. The deep secrets of nature, the immutable laws, from what the universe is constructed, are not the subject of physics or chemistry, nor can they ever be entirely rationally detected.

These routes won't bring us closer to the goal. But they can be heard directly, by refining and purifying the mind with pure, simply and holy life, so the Vedas teach us, sacred Sanskrit epics of ancient India!

(Beatles "Because" at YouTube)

Wonderwall of love

All this and much more had blossomed in the mind of Sir George and wanted out into the world, to manifest in every house and every city and every village, as an expression of his love and profound happiness. This, as he himself later told in several interviews, was the beginning of his journey into himself!

And on this trip at first one man was a very important man for Sir George, and this was the renowned sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar, who becomes his new mentor from now on, not only in the musical field, but, as he told himself over and over again, by Ravi Shankar he learns to appreciate and to love India and its great culture even better.

This love surely was to last a lifetime, just as the appreciation for the human and master Ravi Shankar, whom he saw himself as a father, master and guru, whom he offered himself as disciple of the sitar, and from whom he learned a lot of wisdom!

This we have to consider when thinking about 1967, where it all started!

Sir George himself says that through the entry of this new instrument and the new ethics, a new light came up for the Beatles, and they understood their mission in a new aspect now even more, to use their popularity to allow the world a quantum leap for which they were chosen to. Armed with the weapons of love and confidence, the Fab Four moved on in their Yellow Submarine, to free the world from the bondage of fear!

Yes, it's hard to believe, but 1967 also was the year in that the young hippies in the world changed their posters in kitchens and municipalities, everywhere M.C. Escher and Frank Zappa now were exchanged for the symbolic language of the colorful Hindu world. Now, inspired by the Beatles, Krishna, Brahma, Shiva, Lord Buddha and the great Mahavishnu had found their way into the colorful world of young fans!

Soon after, Sir George surprised the young professinal circles with his first solo production. The astonished fan world rejoiced when listening to Wonderwall, what a successful music-trick, we kids thought, what a great mix of "West meets Eastern Music", designed as avant-garde, hip sentimental film music!

The publication of the record Wonderwall on January 1st, 68, opened an even wider horizon of understanding through music for me, too, of understanding that something starts to vibrate inside me when I hear the music of Sir George.

(Dreamscene from Wonderwall at YouTube)

Here we probably find the most beautiful musical transitions from Indian-Western fusion music into modern, fresh and young sounds, the mother of all worldmusic and even the coming New Age thoughts! Here the master Harrison enriches on his newly acquired knowledge, and opens up a entirely new areas of the music heaven for us. A jewel of fusion music, viewed with the eyes of the eternal time!

On this album, alongside Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr and the young son of Ali Akbar Khan, Ravi Shankar's grandson and many friends of the world music of those day of departure have taken part!

The old sage Yogi Aurobindo once said:

"A masterpiece of Oriental art must be viewed in isolation, in the privacy of our ego, in moments in which one can enter into deep meditation, in order to dedicate himself to the music of the moment! "

Mighty powerful message, as I do understand, and this is particularly true for the unique Wonderwall LP. For me it has caused overwhelming feelings of exoticism and mysticism, it was so different, so unique to our little world at that time, as if with Wonderwall, one had a piece of modernist classical music in his hands, a music not of this world and yet a lesson just of that!

("Singing Om" from Wonderwall at YouTube)

In our room of the inner light, our little music hermitage under the roof, where we, as boys, enjoyed the first musical meditations on tasting the Wonderwall-late vintage and the new Sgt. Pepper-selection predicate valuable, we literally were on a trip while hearing the music, and we imagined, what does it all mean, and that at such a young age, where should it lead us to?

All these different aspects we can find on the record are like moods of one's soul, it seems to me at least, while we strive to master the material life, we are simultaneously trying to raise our spiritual soul into spiritual consciousness.

I think, at that time I unconsciously dreamed of the Far East with its wonders when listening to the record. This dream was supported by a large format old oil painting of my grandparents, which hung in my small party room, showing a beautiful colorful morning landscape, which might took place behind Istanbul on the eastern side of the Bosphorus. My parents simply called the old great daub Prince Maggie and enjoyed to tell that even the great-grandfather back in the 18th century had it hung with him as a curiosity. A picture and impression so far of the German reality that it's been hurt. In this picture, all my longing for Exotic and erotic was put, it gave me an idea of the Orient, as I was able to understand and comprehend then, as an 16 year old. This ancient paintings and the record Wonderwall are inseparable for me. Sorry, but this can occur.

At that time, I'm sure, the foundation was laid for a lifelong enthusiasm for Vedic Orient and its mysteries!

That this also was true on Sir George, at a much greater degree, was a real large appreciation for a boy like me, but then I could not identify the dimensions in which the whole thing would play, we just were enthusiastic, very young Beatles fans who tried to learn their own love through music, to feel and to give away!

("Glassbox" from Wonderwall at YouTube)

Thought-tendrils in the Forest

Into all these musical exoticism, my life was heading for the light, on the search for harmony and true love, just in this rhythm, I knew to experience my secret thoughts and feelings in nature. If I was completely filled with the music of my heart at that time, I usually went out with the dog, and mainly in the woods that bordered our yard. I was able to give loose to my feelings, to sing and to examine thoughts undisturbed. In my youth, the forest was a great comfort to me: if I was feeling too constricted or just needed a sense of freedom and serenity, the protection of the forest then was always there, in which I dreamed so many dreams of youth, playing football with my friends till the cow comes home, or diligently trying to dam the creek, our natural boundary to the district Häcklingen, in which some other youth gangs were making trouble. They were our natural enemies, and each side considered, as much as they could, their side of the forest for their very own territory, where everything was familiar and known. The German tribes, even in ancient times, have so much loved it to live freely in the forests without much interference from outside, we as children teenies and young people may have gotten a little idea of how this could have happened ..

On the other side of the Hasenburger creek, however, there was the zone of the unknown which I met with respect, and except for some necessary trips to the other side also avoided wherever possible. Among other things, there was an old bee house hidden deep in the pine woods, fenced with a large palisade that appeared like a fortress for us, surrounded by mossy forest floor, like smelling of fresh parsley after a rain, inviting as a cushion to a good rest . We were sold to a rather dilapidated day laborers house, here it was a little scary, adventurous and often fraught with danger, just something different to our eastern part of the forest where we knew everything. This surely determined the charm of this place, in my mind this place always has remained alive, you know like, there are places i remember ... all my life! Beautiful song, by the way, and as Sean Connery has interpreted it, taking it over and singing on the George Martin-CD "In My Life" I would say, without real exaggeration, just honestly, it gets the golden goosebumps by me!

(Beatles "In My Life" at YouTube)

On the horizon the first infatuations were also running fine, on my first time, unsurprisingly, we chose a nice spot in the woods, totally hidden in tall grass, on the soft moss under rustling pines, and we loved us like innocent free, by love intoxicated children, who felt secure as squirrels in the wonder forest!

When I think today, a big part of my youth really is playing in the forest, by the walks with our dog, which I only felt as an unpleasant duty at first. Later, I went every day at afternoon, in all weathers, and I used the time to unwind and get the head free from all the unnecessary worries and thought-tendrils that can torment a 15-year-old so much! The sound of the swaying pines as the background music of my countless childhood memories, was like a beautiful fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm or one of Hans Christian Andersen. When closing the eyes you felt the wind as he ran around, and blew again and again to force a considerable breeze in the pines, running around as if to blow clean the forest, like his hair, from all rotten thoughts and wood.

To imagine the forests as a hair of the earth, giving the earth protection and ensuring good temperature, so that a good working relationship can function at all, really helps to understand the concept of sustainability.

(Sean Connery, "In my Life" at YouTube

The missing link

Naturally, the planet Earth-Terra-Bhumi has a memory, and always has possibilities to ward off a plague, which we may never forget, progress against nature always is only for a short period, then the game on time will run the other way around, mostly ending fatal for the people and humanity as a whole, without exception, and unfortunately irreversible! Nobody is considering, everyone is suppressing, but unfortunately that is the way the cookie crumbles! Nevertheless, it is cared for us in the best possible way, if we understand how to deal properly with this planet, because he really has a myriad of options when he is treated well, even his waters are soma and healing and of a variety of flavors that are unique in our known universe! Everything is available rich in type for the people, a paradise in the vast of the universe, one might call it.

We only must recognize ourselves, grateful we must consider this being born again as a person, who got the possibility to explore this paradise, to enjoy, to maintain and to cherish it, and to protect it and to use it as a place of teaching and working!

All we need for it is love, exactly, and the view of how to handle things and creatures, the other passengers!

Fellow humans, fellow animals, fellow nature, the Mitnatur, all these three things must be handled carefully, they are offers of help of nature for us and our development!

The mantra could be, love your nature and your neighbour like yourself, and yourself will be in harmonie with creation. Nature in turn observes the divine will, and the way we treat nature, it clearly shows once again how we have understood to use our good chance of life, in the sense of our own evolutionary and spiritual progress! You could say. we're in a long phase of human incarnation, as the old and wise master Conrad Lorenz once remarked correctly, the so called " missing link" the science is searching for, between a monkey and a man, that is folks...yes ourselves! It is that simple, true humanity must be reached, must be earned!

The true man is sleeping in us and has to be awakened, the animal side in us already is awakened forever and must be calmed and quieted. The collective consciousness of the universe, which is connected to the planetary consciousness, very precisely knows whether a life form begins to develop useful, and whether it begins to develop a nuisance!

As we have seen with the dinosaurs, size and strength are not critical for the survival of a race, but the ability of intelligence to assess their own position right, in which you are. The higher you get, the deeper the fall may be, so history shows us since ancient times, therefore, whoever has eyes ought to see.

What do we see, when we look around us, that people are verry busy destroying their own livelihoods! Not very wise, of course not, it is rather irresponsible in regard to our children and grandchildren. There is every indication that the modern influence on our time and our whole environment will be very, very expensive for all of us! We are feeling impacts on wrong human assessments since so many years, the floods droughts, forest fires and the high rainfall elsewhere so that whole countries are sinking, tsunamis and recurrent volcanic eruptions, at the other end the urban moloch, bad, bad air, lousy water, diseases and plagues, oops no, really, therefore we have BSE?

Peacefood - a necessarity

In the name of false understood progress, the self-interested modern man takes out the right to carry out heartless experiments on innocent animals for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and clothing. But those animal studies in physiological institutes only are the beginning. Namely where cruelty and injustice of animal testing leaves off, there starts the irresponsibility of the systematic animal murder in our slaughterhouses. Every day, millions of helpless animals are brutally slaughtered in large-scale meat factories. Who can still be regarded as an animal lover, but at the same time support this system, it is schizophrenic, isn't it.? Who can account for this merciless killing for himself and for the world, without getting caught in a dilemma. Where do true compassion and respect for life and creation remain.?

According to the ancient wisdom teachings of India (the Vedas), any action results in the corresponding reaction. If we are treating other living beings cruelly, this suffering caused by us will come back again in the same way to us – be it in this or in a next life. This law is called karma. This is one reason why we – from – are advocating a consistent vegetarianism, that is the complete abstinence from meat, fish and egg products of any kind, because you can eat healthy and varied without the use of violence. Therefore we call upon all responsible members of human society to not support the cruel machinations in animal laboratories and slaughterhouses any further, and to refrain from the consumption of animal corpses, as awoke and progress-oriented people of modern times.!

Here are statements of famous vegetarians:

Leonardo Da Vinci:
"Man is truly the king of beasts, for he outclasses all in brutality. Since we live by the death of others, we are walking graves."

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada:
"To be nonviolent against men, but to be a killer or enemy of poor animals, is a satanic philosophy. In the present age, on part of the state there prevails hostility towards innocent animals, and therefore the poor creatures live in constant fear. Or are animals anyway not God's creatures, just things, not sentient beings.? The suffering of the poor animals falls back in response to human society, and that's precisely why there is a constant supply of cold and hot wars between people at individual, collective and national level. "

"Instead of the flesh of other animals, we could eat human meat as well."

Ralph Waldo Emerson:
"You have just been thoroughly eaten lunch: and how carefully the slaughterhouse may be hidden in a discreet distance of a few or many miles - you are complicit in the suffering and pain on the animals."

We should not be astonished, if animal concentration camps are increasing because of us humans, and there is an Holocaust on the sentient and sentient animals happening every day, truly a sin against God and life. With nothing that battle orgy is justified, it is a human degeneration to eat so much meat and to eat animals at all.!

To this point, Arthur Schopenhauer said the following:
"Compassion for animals and a good character are so closely linked together, that one can state with certainty, anyone who is cruel to animals, condoning or supporting it, cannot be a good person!"

Wilhelm Busch made it better yet, he said:
"Only then there is true human culture, if not only the cannibalism, but any meat consumption is considered cannibalism!"

Mahatma Gandhi globally takes it to the point, I think:

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by how they treat their fellow animals!"

Should't that make us wonder, isn't it time to start a change in thinking, wouldn't it be advantageous to develop a human existence which considers its environment with prudence and care, working in it, working in it, living in it, nourishing and cherishing and using it sustainably, feeling joy and satisfaction at the sight of her beauty and perfection, recognizing that such a miracle is unique, and that it is a great chance for everyone to be aware of this fact.

(Paul McCartney "Meat Free Monday" /Youtube)


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