Something Forever

- Chapter 4 Part 3 -

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George Harrison on Mahatma Gandhi .......
"Gandhi says.... create and preserve the image of your choice.....The image of my choice is not really Beatle George.
But why live in the past ? Be here now, and now whether you like me or not, is where I am. My life belongs to me. It actually doesn't. It belongs to him. My life belongs to the Lord Krishna and there's my dog collar to prove it.
I'm just a dog and I'm led around by my dog collar by Krishna. I'm just the servant of the servant of the servant of the servant of the servant of Krishna.
That's how I feel. Never been so humble in all my life, and I feel great. "

(George Martin "Friends and Lovers" at YouTube

The power of prayer ..... is beyond all description .......

... its greatness and glory indelible. Only the truly pious are aware of its benefits and its glory. George had this experience, his way had led him there. Behind all fame and all wealth, he recognized the true value of prayer, he realized the power of God that could be found inside it. Krishna means all-attractive, God just has many names and one of them is all-attractive (Krishna), and George was attracted by this name powerfully, enormously, so much that in all the problems and obstacles, he just saw another opportunity, another test to proof his faith.

Development of pure love is the direct road to truth or to the kingdom of God, to the wide range of imperishable peace and happiness. This love is the vital principle of all creation. She also was the driving force behind all great devotees and artists of all times. Therefore probably, the sages of all times advised to develop love, pure and selfless and unconditional love, that was what George wanted to convey. He spoke all his songs in that language, in his words and melodies he tried to make this ancient eternal wisdom of the millennia experiencable for the fans. He knew all the thoughts and opinions of the wise and expressed them timely in his words. Somehow he was like the reborn messenger of the gods of the ancient Greek dramas, George had taken birth to represent God's word, his reality and his all-pervading and all-attractive love, strength and beauty, and to praise them.

All you need is love .... Well, that love is a rare treasure, that we can probably guess. Therefore one should pull up this love step by step into one's own real life .......... All our negative qualities, such as self-conceit, dislikes and prejudices, are minimized by it. Love causes a great purification of the mind. Therefore, we better put away all sorts of false opinions, weaknesses, superstitions, false notions and ideas of the impossible and four-dimensional. Yes, let us live in love, let us strive constantly and earnestly to live in the divine, which is manifested and reflected in our neighbour, then the greatest joy will happen to us, and charity will take possession of us. Be always righteous, never go astray from the path of righteousness, so to speak, stand upright in life. Be bold but not daredevil, be fearless but not reckless. Put the truth into practice and proclaim it to all, that was the message of George Harrison, the messenger of the gods, who descended to enlighten us, to delight and to uplift us to true humanity in the first place !
He told us to progress on the spiritual paths. The light is inside you, let it shine .... how?... Kill the selfishness and pride, but care for charity, for the sense of universal brother- and sisterhood. Yes, love all beings in God's manifestation and don't bring suffering and pain to anyone, so don't kill any living creature, then your life will be rich, joyful and peaceful. Master your 6 senses, keep them on a short leash and be their controller. Pray fervently in unwavering faith and sincerity. Nurse an unshakable belief in the existence of God and the effectiveness of mental practices (mantras - prayers - asanas), and be humble and modest in your dealing with others, this way you will gain immortality.

Abandon the fear

To abandon the fear is the next step, since he who loves is not afraid, because he knows that he rests in God's hands. If the thought of the good becomes part and possession of a human being, then any bad motives can't ascend to him. To serve others and do good to them, makes him infinite pleasure. In selfless service, endless happiness and bliss (ananda) are included for us. So widen yourself and also your horizon, purify your heart in prayer. Live in the true spirit of selfless service, and live every second for the ideal and goal of this life, all your worries and fears, all miseries and anxieties will depart from you, and peace will be your possession.

Lord Krishna says in Bhagavad-gita 3:19 ....
"Therefore, without being attached to the fruits of activities, one should act as a matter of duty; for by working without attachment, one attains the Supreme."

Only then, only then alone, you will learn the true glory of selfless service. May you shine in the power of a yogi by the practice of selfless service!

This is the unmistakable teaching of the Gita: who renounces from action falls. Who resigns only the wage is increased. But renunciation of the fruits of action does not mean indifference to the outcome. With all doing one needs to know the desired outcome, the way there, and his own strength. He who doesn't want the result and still is completely absorbed in the fulfillment of the duty before him, he can be claimed to have renounced the fruits of his actions and to correspond to the ideal of the Gita.

"You can't follow truth or love, as long as you are subject of fear. Since currently there is fear in the country, reflections on and the development of fearlessness are particularly important. Therefore, I call them an own rule of life. Whoever seeks the truth must give up all fear ..... before parents, caste, priests, teachers, governments, robbers, etc. .... and he should not be afraid of poverty and death!"

M. Gandhi, Ashram Observances, p.114 f.

Mahatma Gandhi once said:
"I am not a visionary. I consider myself an practical idealist. The religion of nonviolence (ahimsa) applies not only to the rishis and holy seers and poets. It also applies to the general public. Nonviolence is the law of the human race, as violence is the law of wild animals. In wild animals, the spirit is sleeping deep, it knows no other law than that of raw power. But human dignity calls for obedience to a higher law -.. the spiritual force. The rishis, who, surrounded by violence, discovered the law of nonviolence, were far more genius than Newton. And they were also better generals than Wellington. Although trained in the use of weapons, they realized their uselessness and taught a weary world that its salvation doesn't lie in violence, but in nonviolence. "

"Nonviolence in the dynamic stage means deliberately undertaken suffering. It is not humble submission to the will of the oppressor, but it is the commitment of the whole soul against the will of the tyrant. If this law of life is maintained, it is possible for a single person to defy the whole power of an unjust empire, to save honor, religion and soul, and to give the basic impetus for the overthrow or reform even of an empire. Because nonviolence is the greatest power that mankind is given into hand. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction that the human mind has ever devised."

(Mahatma Gandhi / selected texts by Richard Attenborough)

Treat as you want to be treated

All natural phenomenas are dominated by a major law: the law of cause and effect, the law of karma, or causality of retribution. It is this law, which maintains the inner harmony and analogous order of the universe. No phenomenon can escape the force of this mighty law. It states that the cause is linked to the effect, and that the effect is included in the cause. This effect is similar to the cause. Our world is moving precisely because of this law of life. This law (karma) is relentless and unchangeable forever. Every action affects us back with the same force and effect. If you are doing something good for someone, you really only help yourself, because seen from the absolute point of view, there is nothing else than the divine self. "Atmavaidam sarvam", this is the emphatic declaration of the sacred Vedic Indian texts (Srutis & Upanishads). Because this virtuous action will react with the same force and effect on ourselves, just as every action has its effect.

Love will come to everyone

Love all beings, be pure, serve all in the atma bhava-consciousness (perceiving God in everything). Acquire complete control of your senses. Rely on your own self, so on yourself! Strive ceaselessly for the mercy and grace of God. Make no differences between men and women. Are you as man in the company of women, repeat the mantra: "ek sat chit ananda atmana". The same atma (God) who dwells in my heart resides in the female body. The gender concept will disappear, and you can finally see God in the women again ...... that at least do the sages advise, that advises George Harrison, that advises our common sense. Feel that Krishna, the Lord, works through all hands, sees by every eye and hears through all ears.

Sing like Radha. Thirsting for his appearance as the gopis. Krishna's grace will assuredly come. For he is the immortal friend, never forget that. Forget all illusory names and forms. Feel and perceive Krishna, the Lord, everywhere and in every moment, this way you will enjoy the highest peace, eternal bliss and immortality transcendental.

Love is a rare herb

"Love is a rare herb that makes even the sworn enemy to a friend, and grows out of non-violence. We know of love between father and son, between brother and sister, friend and friend, husband and wife. But we must learn to love all that is living, therein consists our knowledge of God. Where love is, there is life; hatred leads to destruction!"

(M. Gandhi Ashram Observances p. 117)

Thoughts on love / Hermann Hesse

"Everyone knows it and experiences it how easy it is to fall in love, and how difficult and wonderful it is to truly love. Love, like all real values, is not for sale. There is a purchasable pleasure, but not purchasable love.
They say, life receive its meaning only through love. That means: the more we love and are able to surrender, the more does our life make sense. It's a strange, yet simple secret of the wisdom of all times that each little selfless devotion, each sympathy, each love makes us richer, while each struggle for possession and power is energy-sapping and makes us poorer. The Indians have known and taught this, and then the wise Greeks and Jesus and since then, thousands of sages and poets, whose works stand the test of time, while great empires and kings of their time are lost and agone. Regardless of whether you are with Jesus or Plato, or Spinoza, everywhere this is the ultimate wisdom, that neither power nor possession nor knowledge gives salvation, but only love. Each selflessness, each waiver of love, each active compassion, each self-renunciation seems to be a giving away, a robbery of yourself, but yet is a becoming richer and a growing up, but yet it is the only path that leads onward and upward. This is an old song, and I'm a bad singer and preacher, but truths don't become obsolete and are always true, whether they are preached in a desert, sung in a poem or printed in a newspaper! "

With a childhood full of love ..... you can economize through half a lifetime for the cold world.

The child should learn to consider all animal life as holy, better to give him the heart of a Hindu instead of the heart of a Catholic philosopher.

To whom love is not enough, has not been really satisfied by it!

(George Martin "Pepperland Suite" bei YouTube


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