Something Forever

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Hello Goodbye

Not a month without a major event, in the month of January 1969 appeared Yellow Submarine, the film and the soundtrack, in which the artist Heinz Edelmann lets the Beatles experience a 90 minute cartoon adventure. The four are acting as pacifist hippies, whose life is made difficult by the militarist Blue Meanies, and their fighting with courage and wit pushes the super soundtrack vibrantly to the finish. On the album we meet again some old familiar songs, but also crispy new songs that reflect the feeling of the time very well, I think. On the one hand, a classic from 1967 "All You Need Is Love" which had to be there in any Beatle message and record because it is the key to the culture of Beatle music, absolutely. That was their job, that was their message, love is all you need, all you need is love ...!

("Yellow Submarine" film at YouTube)

On the other hand, we have "It's All Too Much" by Master Harrison, describing the fuss over the Beatles and the hystery of the fans, because even then in 1969, it already was too much for him, the whole hype about the Fab Four, the hype made about the Beatles band. Being famous shows one of its many dark sides here.!

George Harrison recalls, "I was only twenty-three when we did Sgt. Pepper. Then I already had India and LSD behind me and was on the path of transcendence ... been through the whole Beatle phase and then coming to the understanding "Hey man, this is not the answer to all your questions," obviously provoked the question, "What is it then?" And then, certainly by the LSD experiences forced upon me, I obtained the knowledge of God."
Then on Yellow Submarine we find the ground-breaking new song "All Together Now", where once again the Beatles managed to send a message to the world through a great song, that reached young people of all countries waiting for it, and influenced the zeitgeist like no other motto of his time. We see right on this song, that the Beatles thought, after 7 years their fan community would be mature enough, to understand the hint.

("All Together Now" postscript at YouTube)

After seven long years, in which the Fab Four on their Magical Mystery Tour sang about every aspect of love and missed no climax to prove their musical uniqueness in critical or ironic songs, the time was ready to demonstrate with "All Together Now" that the Fab Four really were more famous and more popular than Jesus in his time, Jesus was only known in Galilee, the Beatles were known and loved by people around the world, and although both "message" are carrying the same core, in 1969 the Beatles certainly have been more popular and more famous than Jesus, globally seen. Where is the problem, why this hatred, every era has its avatars, who can doubt and / or weaken that?

The Yellow Submarine was their inside joke, on the one hand, John sitting on LSD at the home of George had the feeling of sitting in a submarine in which he was the captain, on the other hand, they felt like in submarine when they had to be protected from fans, sitting close to close in small police vans, this way they saw their divine mission, to enlighten the world of the Blue Meanies and or gray materialists with music, wit, poetry and a lot of comedy, plus Eastern philosophy, brought into a world which very urgently was and still is in need of charity and prudence and foresight.

(Beatles "It's All Too Much" at YouTube)

Let's not kid ourselves, so it is, and so it was. The boys are ambassadors of the Lord, to prepare the world for the ultimate positive quantum leap ...... From the, so to speak, instinctively-driven entity, for which the law of the stronger and smarter sets the standard, up to true humanity, seeing desire and ego as instincts to be appeased, and being much more interested in developing his charity. This human child, sunken in self-knowledge, ready to serve everyone in selflessness and joy, because gratitude refreshens his heart, we have to develop and to train inside us.

In this awareness, there is the height of true humanity, in harmony with God and his magnificent unique creation that we have to protect and to maintain, in the memory of her incomparable creator. Thus prepared for the shift in consciousness, which is described clearly in the Vedic scriptures, we find ourselves inside the universe of the Beatles, which knew of their mission as forerunners of the good. With that feeling and knowledge, the Beatles wanted to shake up the world and enlighten it. They were the pioneers pointing the way into the right, namely spiritual and divine consciousness, towards true humanity, full of love and living out charity, cultivating and protecting everything, all dedicated to the dear sweet Lord.

(Beatles "The Inner Light" at YouTube)

Yes, this aspect is often omitted in the descriptions of the 60ties years, I think, in all the countless books, even if we only read about the Beatles, a great aspect is completely neglected. Just because it's about God and faith in God, that was too hot and too deep for many, then as now, and so it will probably remain, unfortunately, unless we start the quantum leap in thinking and fix our focus on our sacred origin.

The Beatles were very influenced by the last 2 psychedelic years, more than any other band of international reputation, then as now is it a singular or leading case of history. Our heroes were affectionately called "Fab Four" by the Anglo-Saxons, the fabulous four, or "Beatle of the People". To be heroes for a whole kingdom certainly is unique already, but heroes around the world, that was not only new, but rather was a cry out from the spiritually hungry souls in many people worldwide.

(Beatles "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" at YouTube)

The people screamed in ecstasy and felt a long-suppressed love in their hearts, which broke out only in complete ecstasy, and the catalyst was the music of the Beatles, it was like a blessing to time, like Instant Karma.
Essence of all experience was apparent to the Fab Four now, the next step must be a step facing God, a spiritual step towards God, not away from him, into one's own egomaniacal-materialistic dreams, no,
"I make love to you, if you want me to, make love all day long, make love singing song," that was the anthem of the spiritually awakened and hungry, a sentence of "Within You Without You" by Master Harrison and the legendary Sgt Pepper album, which ushered in the spiritual revolution that time, once upon a time not long ago.


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